Nadiyah’s Essay: Why is Voting Important?

Miss Nadiyah Swann submitted this essay on 11/21/2016. It was her submission in a contest sponsored by the Stonecrest Educational Fund. At that time, she was in the 9th grade. All contestants in the contests put on by the Stonecrest Educational Fund win something just for entering the contest. They also become eligible to win a college scholarship when they graduate from high school. Because her essay is so timely, it is being reproduced and published at this time.

Voting is important because it is one of the easiest ways to get your voice heard. By voting, we will determine how our government will be run. While voting, people will select what or who they believe will better our country as a whole. People should always vote because every vote counts.
Our African American ancestors fought long and hard for this main opportunity. Before, African Americans were not allowed to vote. When they were granted the right to vote, the States created barriers that prevented most African Americans from voting. The Jim Crow Laws were requirements for individuals to pass in order to vote. These laws included: literacy tests, grandfather clauses, and poll taxes. Even though the
Fifteenth Amendment states that no citizen is denied the right to vote based on race, color, or previous condition of slavery, it did not accomplish the goal. You should vote in honor of those who can’t and couldn’t back then.
When voting for Congress, it will determine how much money you will have to spend. The governor, legislator, and other members of Congress will help regulate how much taxes you have to pay to help your community. Make sure you are voting for someone that’s going to help you save money and support your cause. Voting for law enforcement officials will help better your community. These people will help with crime prevention, building parks and recreational centers, and traffic patterns. By making sure your
community is safe will attract more citizens and feel whole. Voting for school board members will determine budgets and school policies. Our kids matter and so does our education.

Some people don’t vote because they either don’t know much about a certain issue or don’t know how to register to vote. Others feel as if voting is a waste of time. But when voting, you are voicing your opinion on how you think the government should operate. With a government elected by its citizens, it will affect every aspect of our lives from healthcare to homeland security, etc.

Our government is designed for citizen participation. So, if you don’t vote, other people will make the decision for you. On election, voters are not only able to vote for who is going to represent them for the next four terms but also on bond issues and social issues. Voting is very important in today’s society because things are starting to change. If you can help make changes for our country, why not take advantage of it?
Enough voices in unison can help change the course of our government. Every citizen should be grateful for the right you have, because some people are still fighting today to get their voices heard. The future is dependent on us and we have to decide what we are willing to do. I encourage everyone that is eighteen and older to go to the ballots and vote at every election.

Nadiyah Swann wrote an essay in 2016 while she was a ninth-grader. This made her eligible to win a college scholarship for $500 from the Stonecrest Educational Fund upon her graduation from high school in 2020. She will be attending Xavier University in Louisiana
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